“The World Stands on it’s Head” – Upside Down House

In a project named “The world stands on its head”, the creators of this upside down house just wanted to do something different, they didn’t have any special reason for building it. The house was designed for a special exhibition in Trassenheide Germany and is open to the public for visiting.

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6 Weird Transportation Methods

1. Powerisers

Did you ever own a pogo stick as a child? Did you ever want to take your pogo stick to the extreme?! Well, probably not, because those things got old pretty fast, but regardless of what your childhood fantasies were, Powerisers are here to maybe answer them.

Powerisers are pretty much just springs that you strap to your legs, essentially turning you into a kangaroo. Except that kangaroos can’t do bitchin’ flips or suffer hilarious groin injuries.

The company that sells Powerisers says they were originally developed by the aerospace industry, and while we find that claim dubious, we’re too busy filling out the order form to investigate so we’ll have to take their word for it. Sure, anyone using these things for an extended length of time will probably end up with a bad case of broken spine, but it would be worth it for the ability to get to work by doing front flips over all the cars that are waiting at red lights.

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12 Coolest Bedroom Designs

Those living in small spaces have to be creative about dividing up the space, but putting up screens only gets you so far. This ingenious solution is an entire loft bedroom that securely hangs from the ceiling, providing a sleeping space that makes use of high ceilings. Positioned as it is within this particular room, the loft still leaves enough room for adults to stand up beneath it, but is low enough to easily walk into from the elevated portion of the space. The back surface of the loft could even be used as a movie screen.
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