5 Hotels Terrible in The World

When you hear the word “hotel”, would you be thinking about a luxurious place to stay, expensive and exciting. But, who would have thought if in this world where there is a creepy hotel. You certainly would not want to stay in that place. If you do not believe it, just try one of the hotel your message there.

Hotel Crescent

Built in 1886, “Hotel Cresent” is believed to be the most haunted hotels in America because it is haunted. The story begins when the hotel went bankrupt and for the first time in ‘tranformasikan’ as a school. In 1937 the hotel was purchased by Norman Baker, a doctor, he also established the foundation to cure cancer. Baker finally change the hotel into a healthy home. Even so, the patients who come for medical treatment not go away and eventually died at the hotel. Since then, the ghosts haunt the patient and often appeared in front of our guests.

Queen Mary Hotel

In past, the “Queen Mary” is a luxury yacht. Perform shipping for the first time in 1936. Queen Mary was even able to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the speed and ‘its performance’, which undoubtedly tough if the Queen Mary became famous and is the most expensive yacht in the world in his day. Just mention the names of celebrities who is famous for his cruelty, such as Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo and even Winston Churchill, had sailed with this luxury liner. But unfortunately, when the war took place in the British ship was taken over by the military forces of “The Grey Ghost” for crossing the Atlantic for a mission of war. At that time also the Queen Mary collided with the HMS Curacao causing the ship split into two and 300 crewmen died. Queen Mary is believed as one of the many haunted hotel.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

The hotel is believed to be haunted since the date of August 4, 1892, when a boy named Lizzie Borden brutally murdered his father and stepmother with chainsaws. Abby Borden, her stepmother were found dead between bed and a closet near the living room while his father who was also beaten axes lying dead under the couch. Lizzie works sentenced in Fall River and eventually died in 1927. Three of them recognized paranormal ghosts often haunt these places.

The Old Spot Hotel

“The Old Spot Hotel” is the first building built by the town of Gawler, South Australia 1980. The building was then used as the office with various business activities. After a few years later the place was renovated and turned into a hotel function. Since the transformation into a hotel, the building often bring up with weird occurrences such as ghost sightings, even the guests who come to this hotel are often given a speech the ghosts that wander around, one little boy ghost sightings. In mid-1990 only a third of hotel guests to catch a strange picture in which no other camera is a picture of a ghost.

Hotel Del Coronado

This Victorian-style luxury hotel located cross of the port of San Diego, California. The hotel is frequented by famous guests such as Thomas Edison, L. Frank Baum, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Lindbergh, American presidents, and a guest who does not clearly named “Kate Morgan” who eventually spent the night in room 302 [now 3327]. Morgan’s death in the hotel due to his cancer pain, but many say that Morgan Killed suicide. Ghost Morgan would often appear before the guests Hotel Del Coronado.

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